Channing Hensley


My name is Channing (Hensley Garnett) and I'm currently attending North Raleigh Christian Academy. I'm 6'1 and 140lbs and a member of Richland Creek Community Church.

I started playing golf at age 13 and tournament golf in April 2014. Prior to golf, I was on the NRCA Varsity Swim and Cross Country Teams and played in my local volleyball league. I'm committed to becoming the best student, citizen, and athlete I can be. I spend 10-14 hours/week on studying/homework, 20-25 hours/week on golf, 3-4 hours/month on community service, and 1-2 hours/week on training.

Outside of golf, I love school and making good grades and I’m an avid baker. I also work part time cleaning offices and babysitting.

No one is going to work harder than me to improve my golf game and I can’t imagine anyone truly loving the game of golf more than I do. I want to play collegiate golf and continue to improve in order to fulfill my dream of playing professionally once I graduate.

Course Load

2017-2018: Christian Apologetics, Honors 20th Century History, Statistics, Honors Ecology, Honors British Lit, AP Psychology

2016-2017 School Year (Honors American Literature & Composition, Advanced Functions & Modeling, Honors US History, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish III, Biblical Hermeneutics)

2015-2016 School Year (Systematic Theology, Honors English II, Algebra II, Honors Anatomy, Honors US Constitution, & Spanish II)

Community Service

I serve on the inaugural Student Advisory Board of the Northeast Wake Backpack Buddies where I serve 20 or so hours per year helping to feed children in need in my community.

Carolina Cares- work Raleigh Men’s Homeless Shelter

Tri-Area Ministry- work local Food Bank

PGA Jr. League @ Hasentree (volunteer Asst. Coach)

OP36 Volunteer Asst. Coach

Channing Hensley